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Outage Reporting:1-800-577-3323 or 785-877-3323

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Phone and E-mail Scam

Scammers are working hard to get your money!

A phone and E-mail scam is taking place in our part of the country.  Scammers are calling or e-mailing  coop members and businesses claiming to be from the Cooperative. Some of these scammers have spoofed the caller ID system to provide the correct name but it will have a wrong phone number. The scammer tells the members their bill is past due and they will be disconnected in 45 minutes if the bill is not paid by credit card or bank transfer. The Scam is designed to get you to provide credit card or bank account information. If you get one of these calls that states they are from Prairie Land Electric Cooperative, do not provide any account information. Hang up and call our office at 1-800-577-3323 or 785-877-3323. If you have caller ID you should report the Scammers number to your local Law Enforcement office.
The e-mail scam may have a header that represents your cooperative and will tell you your bill is ready or past due. The idea is to have you click on a link to make a payment or view your bill. If you click on the link it will take you to a virus infected page that may try to steal your personal or banking information. One way to avoid being scammed is to never click on a link in an e-mail. Go to the company website only by using shortcuts or favorites you have created yourself. If you get an e-mail from Prairie Land Electric and you believe the e-mail is a scam please contact Prairie Land Electric Cooperative directly by phone at 1-800-577-3323 or 785-877-3323. Print a copy of the email and notify your local law enforcement office. As always have a good antivirus program and keep it up to date. There are several anti-malware programs that can help keep your machine free of tracking and malware programs.
Prairie Land electric wants all of our members to know we have a written policy that must be followed before a disconnection can take place. The policy includes Billing statements, 48 hour notice of a disconnection.