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Pokémon Go Players

Electrical Safety Warning for Pokémon Go Players


Prairie Land Electric is reminding players of Pokémon Go to stay away from electric substations, power plants, pad mount transformers, and other electric equipment. The new smartphone-based augmented reality game sends players to real world places to “catch” Pokémon. Pokémon characters turn up everywhere—from grocery stores to hospitals. But they’re also appearing at electric substations, drawing players into dangerous situations.


When you are on the search for Pokémon characters avoid pad mounted transformers. These are green metal boxes that contain the above ground portion of an underground electrical installation. Pad mount transformers carry high voltages and are safe when locked, but they can be deadly if someone reaches inside. If you see one in your neighborhood that is open, call authorities and your utility immediately.


Remember these important electrical safety tips from Prairie Land Electric Cooperative as you try to #CatchEmAll:


Never touch electric equipment, including transformers and power lines.

Never touch a downed power line. Assume all lines are energized and dangerous.

Never climb utility poles.

Never enter an electric substation.


Your safety is important to us. We hope you will share the message of electrical safety so that you and others can enjoy outdoor activities. Visit for more electrical safety tips.