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Trustee Elections


At Prairie Land Electric, your voice matters. Since 1938, we’ve been owned and governed by members like you. Your vote in our annual board election is your voice in your cooperative, a chance to weigh in on leaders who will represent you and your interests. 


Please vote in the trustee election each year. Details for the 2020 election are below. If you have further questions, please call our headquarters at 785-877-3323 or 800-577-3323.


Which positions are up for election?

The Bylaws of the Cooperative provide that the following positions will be elected in the 2020 Trustee Election:

      District 1 – Cheyenne and Rawlins counties
      Mike Rogers – Saint Francis, KS, currently holds this position.  


      District  2 – Decatur, Norton and Phillips counties
      Keith Ross – Long Island, KS, currently holds this position.


     District 4 – Smith, Jewell, Osborne and Mitchell counties

     Ronald G. Griffith – Smith Center, KS, currently holds this position.


     District 5 – Republic, Washington, Cloud and Clay counties

     Jerry Gallagher – Concordia, KS, currently holds this position.


How are candidates selected?

A nominating committee has been appointed to meet and nominate candidates for these positions. If you are interested in being nominated for one of the positions, contact a member of the committee to discuss your nomination. The committee  will meet on December 17, 2019 at 1 p.m. in the Prairie Land Electric office at 14935 US Highway 36 in Norton, KS.  

The members of that committee are:
Roger Zweygardt - St. Francis, KS          785-332-3458

Dick E. Ames - Long Island, KS              785-854-7695

Rodney Belleau - Hill City, KS                 785-421-8149

Dennis Hansen - Smith Center, KS         785-282-3211

Jerry Stenberg - Clyde, KS                      785-243-0129

Nominations may also be made by petition. Interested candidates should contact the Norton office to request the appropriate form.

The petition must be signed by not less than  twenty-five (25) members of the district for whom the Trustee is to be elected. Petitions need to be delivered to the Norton office by 5 PM on January 10, 2020. All nominations shall be posted in the Norton office.


How do I vote?

The election shall be conducted on an “at large” basis; therefore every member of Prairie Land Electric is eligible to vote for all positions in the election. Upon completion of the nominating process, voting materials will be mailed to Prairie Land members by January 25, 2020. The Bylaws, as amended, require the use of mail ballots for Trustee elections. Ballots and a postage paid return envelope will be furnished for the member to use.

Ballots must be returned to the Norton office by 5 PM on Monday, February 10, 2020.


How will we know the results?

An Election and Credentials committee will count the ballots by February 20th and the election results will then be announced.