Your Board of Trustees

Prairie Land Board of Trustees


Cooperatives belong to and are led by the the communities they serve. Prairie Land Electric is a locally owned and operated business, and the members of the Board of Trustees are elected by the membership. Like you, they are cooperative members but with a special perspective.

Your board is comprised of members living throughout the Prairie Land Electric service area, and they are local citizens with the best interests of members, the community and the cooperative always in mind. The business and affairs of the cooperative are directed by the board of trustees, whose primary function is planning and policy oversight, establishing the long-term objectives of the cooperative, and providing resources to meet those objectives. Board members work closely with the CEO and senior staff to review progress, ensure accountability, make strategic decisions, and stay current on an increasingly complex business.

The cooperative territory is divided into districts, and each district is represented by 2-3 trustees. Trustees are elected for three-year terms.

Trustee District Map

Map of Trustee Districts

The Trustee Districts are defined as follows:

Trustee District No. 1:  The counties of Cheyenne, Rawlins, Sherman, and Thomas.

Trustee District No. 2:  The counties of Decatur, Norton, and Phillips.

Trustee District No. 3:  The counties of Sheridan, Graham, and Rooks.

Trustee District No. 4:  The counties of Smith, Jewell, Osborne, and Mitchell.

Trustee District No. 5:  The counties of Republic, Washington, Cloud, and Clay.

Other Cooperative Boards

Prairie Land Electric is a member of several other cooperatives, which are also governed by boards. Our trustees and leadership team may serve on those boards, in addition to their service at Prairie Land Electric. The current board representatives for each cooperative are:

Kansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

KEC Trustee


Trustee: Keith Ross

Alternate: Kirk Girard

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

Sunflower Trustees


Trustees:  Sandra Benoit and Kirk Girard

Alternates:  Mike Rogers and Alisha Stark