Prairie Land Electric Cooperative, Inc. has more than 80 employees working across our territory. Careers in the electric cooperative industry are not limited to being a lineworker. In addition to lineworkers, we have a wide array of opportunities within the cooperative, including accounting, communications, engineering, IT, member services and more.

Prairie Land Electric is an equal employment opportunity employer. Our full-time employees are offered medical, dental, and vision insurance, NRECA pension plan, 401(k) with company match, life insurance, Aflac, wellness program with incentives, sick leave, vacation, and paid holidays.

Our current job openings are below. 

Position Openings

Concordia: Part-Time Member Service Representative

Prairie Land Electric seeks a part time Member Service Representative in the Concordia office.  This person will provide courteous and professional customer service to all Prairie Land members. They will follow the policies and procedures of the Cooperative as an effective guide to operation. This position will require positive working relationships and dedication to cooperative principles and values.  The part time MSR will begin sometime in May (negotiable) and will work through the summer no more than 30 hours a week until at the latest, September 1, 2023.  This position will generally answer phones, take payments and a variety of other office duties. Interested applicants should send an email inquiry to April Karnopp, Director of Administration,  Prairie Land Electric is an equal opportunity employer.  Position will be open until filled.

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Prairie Land Electric is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome you as an applicant for employment. Prairie Land Electric endeavors to make a dedicated effort to comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination. You need not answer any question on this application form that you feel is discriminatory.  All information will be considered personal and confidential. We appreciate your interest.

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