Kohler Generators

Prairie Land Electric is an authorized Kohler dealer.



The law requires generators to have a double throw safety switch.

For more information, email ple@ple.coop or call us at 785-877-3323 or 1-800-577-3323.

Surge Protection for the Home

The TESCO TES 240 MSA Surge Arrester installs behind the watt meter, safely clamps and dissipates lightning induced AC line high voltage going to a residence. 

The TES 240 MSA is specifically designed for long lifetimes even with strong lightning activity.


Lease for $5.99/month.

For more information, email hvac@ple.coop or call us at 785-877-3323 or 1-800-577-3323.

Solar Powered Stock Well Pumps

The number of solar panels and size of pump required will vary depending on the depth of the well and how much flow is needed. 

We sell two models of SunPump brand water pumps: the SDS-D-128 and SDS-Q-130

For more information, email hvac@ple.coop or call us at 785-877-3323 or 1-800-577-3323.