Living and working in a vibrant community is a goal we all share. Prairie Land is already invested in making your community a success, and now you have access to several new tools from the newly-announced Sunflower Electric Economic Development (SEED) program.

Resources and Programs Offered by SEED Program

Industry Marketing

We recognize which industries are predominate in our area. Companies find success here for a variety of reasons, perhaps natural resources or being located in the central part of our country.

Whatever the reason, it makes sense to share our story of business success with other companies within these industries. The world won’t know this is a great place to do business until we tell them. 

The industries identified as opportunities to expand our business base are value-added agriculture, data centers, and heavy equipment manufacturing, along with the associated supply chain, distribution and warehousing. We are developing plans to directly market to companies in these industries and make sure they know what our area of Kansas has to offer for expansion opportunities. 

Available Sites and Buildings

When a business is looking for a new location, we want to make sure our local opportunities are promoted and easy to see. LocationOne Information Systems (LOIS) is the largest website for economic development properties in the U.S. We have purchased a license and are actively working to increase the number of local properties that are promoted on LOIS. Let us know if you have available sites or buildings to include. 

The Sunflower Certified Site Program provides certification that guarantees extensive research has been completed for a property intended for business development. Certified site programs are valuable to businesses as they reduce the chance of a site-related surprise during the construction process. A comprehensive list of items are researched and cataloged so a prospective owner knows the available utilities, capabilities, environmental and historical attributes of the property, confirming that the site is ready for development. 

Local Community Support

Your local leaders are in the best position to understand what opportunities fit your community. What they may need is additional information and resources for projects that benefit the residents. Sunflower’s team includes trained facilitators to help your community identify what opportunities are right for you and how to capitalize on those opportunities. We have identified an extensive list of resource providers that are ready to offer technical expertise for economic development. 

The SEED website,, is key to sharing our story and what we have to offer to our communities and the world. Information on the website includes:
•Advantages of expanding in the Sunflower Member service territory
•Links to available sites and buildings
•How to connect with Member staff
•Regional data
•Programs for advancing local economic development
•Ways Prairie Land and Sunflower can provide assistance for economic development planning 

Browse the Sunflower Electric Economic Development website to learn how we can help your community get your opportunities in front of the people who are looking for them.