All residential rates have a set Service Access Charge which covers the cost to deliver service even before you use a single kWh of electricity, and an energy charge, which is the expected cost of the electricity that is delivered.  Energy is most often generated using commodities, so this charge actually varies depending on the market value of those commodities, as well as other factors. Commodity prices are determined by the open market, so the higher the demand, the higher the cost.

The Power Cost Adjustment is a line item on your bill that provides a credit, or an additional charge per kWh based upon the actual cost of the electricity as compared to the expected cost.  

Your usage patterns do not affect the power cost adjustment factor in any way, other than that the factor is multiplied by the amount of usage for the month.  The amount of your credit or additional charge is determined by your usage, but the determination of if it is an additional charge or credit is determined solely by the cost of the electricity purchased by Prairie Land Electric for that month. This is a pass-through charge and Prairie Land does not profit from any additional charges or lose money when you are issued a credit.