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On May 7, two lucky Prairie Land employees shared in an hour of fun with a local class of third graders who were doing a junior engineering project and needed special equipment. 

Students in Mrs. Atkins’ class at Eisenhower Elementary were competing in a classic egg drop challenge. While in class, they designed protective packaging for their own fresh egg. Then it was time to put their skills to the test.

Shortly after lunch, Prairie Land employees Shawn Miller and Garrett Willour drove a big bucket truck to the school and set up near the playground. The truck needs time to get in position and extend the outriggers that keep it stabilized while in use.

Once the truck was ready, the kids geared up with a harness and hard hat before climbing into the bucket with Shawn and their packaged egg. They slowly lifted into the air and dropped the container onto a plastic tarp on the ground below. 

For the assigned drop, only one egg was sacrificed, but several kids wanted to test from higher up, and there were, unfortunately, more egg casualties. 
It was an unforgettable day, and hopefully, the start of some engineering dreams for these talented kids.


Photo Caption:  It was a fun activity, but safety is always the top priority, so safety coordinator Garrett Willour was on site to get the kids geared up and ready to ride safely. His daughter, Adlie, also happened to be in the class.