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This story was included in the July 2022 Kansas Country Living Centerspread.


It’s nearing 5 p.m. on a workday. Your boss wanted that last-minute report and your kids need to be picked up from soccer or play practice. You jump in your car and on the way you approach a work zone. You don’t have time to slow down so you rush through it and ignore the orange work zone signs.

You’re having a garage sale and you think posting a sign on a utility pole won’t hurt. Everyone does it, right?

Either of these scenarios could injure or kill one of our lineworkers.

The job of an electric lineworker is not easy. Lineworkers take great pride in providing safe and reliable service, but their job involves working on and around live power out in the elements. We ask you to do your part to keep them safe.

Slow down and move over in work zones. Cars or trucks that go too fast not only endanger workers on the ground but also put a lineworker who is working high up in a bucket in danger by causing it to move or sway.

Do not post anything on a utility pole, especially with staples, nails or tacks. These can puncture insulated gloves or other protective clothing and expose workers to high voltages.

Never plug a generator into an indoor or outdoor wall outlet. The power that back feeds into the electric line could electrocute a utility worker.

Please be patient when the power goes out. Workers need to efficiently and safely restore power.

We appreciate your help in keeping our employees safe. For questions about employee safety, contact John Atkins at 785-877-3323. For more information about electrical safety, visit