Holiday Food Drive Challenge

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On Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021, Prairie Land Electric Cooperative, Inc. issued a holiday challenge to its 84 employees. The goal was to donate 10 items per employee for their local food banks. This was about one item per day until the challenge end date of December 10, 2021. Those who chose to donate cash could consider $2.00 to be the equivalent of one can of food.


Electric cooperatives were built by and belong to the communities they serve, and the employees belong to these same communities. Cooperatives operate by seven cooperative principles, including Concern for Community. This challenge presented an opportunity to help their own friends and neighbors.


The results were more than double the goal that was set by the cooperative. Employees pulled together to donate 1573 pantry items and $910. This averages to more than 24 items for each employee. The donations will be distributed among the food banks in the Prairie Land Electric service territory. Inspired by the generosity of their employees, Prairie Land Electric also made  contributions to each of the pantries.


“We couldn’t be happier with the way our employees stepped up to the challenge,” said Kirk Girard, CEO for Prairie Land Electric. “It’s good to see them make a positive difference in the community, just like they do every day on the job.