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This topic was featured in the March 2024 Kansas Country Living Centerspread.


If it is time to replace yard equipment, going electric has many benefits.

If you are considering buying a battery-powered mower or a corded or battery-powered trimmer, edger or leaf blower, there are not only more options available now than in recent years, but improvements have been made to run times, features, quality and service life.



  • Going green (pardon the pun): Electric devices do not emit byproducts that damage the environment.
  • Less smell: There are no emissions, which means no exhaust odor.
  • More free time: There is no need to buy and change the oil, spark plugs and air filters.
  • Less noise: Electric yard tools and mowers can be quieter than gas-powered ones.
  • Ease of use: Simply plug in or charge to use. Some brands offer battery continuity between devices.
  • Less weight: Corded electric devices are often lighter than gas-powered equipment.

Source: Safe Electricity