National Teen Driver Safety Week: Oct. 15–21

Wednesday | September 27, 2023
Talk to the teens in your life about safety on the open road, including the hazards of distracted dr...

Playing it Safe Online

Wednesday | September 27, 2023
Most successful cyberattacks start with a phishing email. Don’t take the bait when cybercriminals go...
“It is an honor to help provide students opportunities to grow in their leadership potential and dev...

Residential Solar Considerations

Monday | August 21, 2023
Anyone seriously considering a residential solar panel system should do their homework first, as it ...

Got Electric Fencing?

Friday | July 21, 2023
Inspect it regularly...

Get Proper Rest During Harvest

Thursday | July 20, 2023
The demands of harvest are stressful, and a lack of sleep can...

Factors That Impact Electricity Prices

Thursday | July 20, 2023
There are a few key elements that impact electricity prices and...

Local Students Tour Nation’s Capital

Thursday | July 20, 2023
Sponsoring local students for the youth tour is one of the most important ways...

Use Energy Wisely

Thursday | June 29, 2023
We hear a lot about peak energy demand, but what is it and how does it impact electricity use?
Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related illness...

FREE and EASY ways to Save Energy

Thursday | June 29, 2023
Spoiler alert!  Your clothes and dishes won't know the difference! 

Picnic Food Safety

Thursday | June 29, 2023
Summer is a great time for picnics; however, food left out too long can mean foodborne illnesses.

Check the Weather Before You Go

Friday | May 26, 2023
A rainy day can all too quickly turn into a disaster when thunder and lightning...

Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Wednesday | May 24, 2023
Energy efficiency has so many benefits that go beyond just...

Gallagher Retires

Tuesday | April 25, 2023
The Prairie Land Electric Board of Trustees honored Jerry Gallagher of Concordia for...

Annual Meeting 2023

Tuesday | April 25, 2023
The Annual Meeting of the Members of Prairie Land Electric Cooperative, Inc. was held...

2023 Youth Trip Winners

Thursday | March 30, 2023
This is an outstanding opportunity for these students to ...

Capital Credits Returned

Thursday | March 30, 2023
Members may continue to receive capital credit information and disbursements for decades after ...

2022 Project Update

Thursday | March 30, 2023
The Amber Wave project requires more than four times the power capacity ...

2022 in Review

Thursday | March 30, 2023
What is normal?

Kids, Trees and Power Lines

Wednesday | February 22, 2023
Before you send your kids outside to have fun, make sure they...

Electrical Safety During Flooding

Wednesday | February 22, 2023
If you are in a flood prone area, there are some steps you can...

Electric Vehicle FAQs

Wednesday | February 22, 2023
You’ve likely heard or read that most automakers are transitioning many or all their new vehicles to...

5 Ways to Save During Winter

Monday | January 30, 2023
Winter weather typically means increased ...

Beat the Peak

Monday | January 30, 2023
During peak periods when the cost to produce and purchase power is higher, we encourage...

Be Proactive in Preventing Electrical Fires

Wednesday | December 21, 2022
Take steps to help prevent electrical fires by identifying possible issues before they occur.

Be prepared for winter storms

Monday | December 19, 2022
The wind chill forecasts are pretty alarming. Our lineworkers are preparing for brutal conditions. ...

Give the Gift of Electricity

Tuesday | November 22, 2022
Helping someone with their utility payment is an especially...

Safety Poster Contest Winners

Tuesday | November 22, 2022
The top three poster winners were awarded a brand new...

Co-op Month Giveaway Winners

Tuesday | November 22, 2022
We tried something new this year to...

5 Ways to Fight the Cold and Save Energy

Tuesday | November 22, 2022
Find ways to manage your home energy use and keep winter...

Kansas Hunting Safety

Wednesday | October 26, 2022
Cardiac disease, lacerations and tree-stand accidents are the most common reasons for hunters to vis...

2023 Trustee Election Process

Wednesday | October 26, 2022
A nominating committee has been appointed ...

Ensuring Reliability as Power Supply Tightens

Wednesday | October 26, 2022
What happens when the demand for power overwhelms the ability to provide it?

Do You Depend on Life Support?

Tuesday | September 27, 2022
We will make every effort to give ...

Don’t Get Burned

Monday | September 26, 2022
Electricity usually makes life ...
As your trusted energy partner, we know that saving...

Fuel Your Generator Knowledge

Tuesday | August 23, 2022
Before you grab your portable generator to use it for backup power, there are important lifesaving s...

The Power of Preparation

Tuesday | August 23, 2022
With severe weather events occurring more frequently, now more than ever, it makes...
If this is your recent reaction when opening your electric bill, you are not alone. As your ...
I learned so much about leadership and relationships at this camp...
Navigating roadways can be dangerous for both equipment operators and...
While driving, we typically hear that “ding” on our...
The four-day conference focused on the fundamentals of...
Scammers are notorious for recognizing when people are most vulnerable.

Beat the Peak This Summer

Friday | July 1, 2022
As temperatures begin to spike, there are steps you can take to save...
The job of an electric lineworker is not easy. Lineworkers take...

Sunflower Announces CEO Search

Wednesday | June 22, 2022
Sunflower has launched a nationwide search for its next president and chief executive officer, follo...
While the recent reports by NERC and FERC were not optimistic...

Beware of Electric Shock Drowning

Wednesday | June 1, 2022
Knowing what to do if water becomes electrified can help swimmers avoid electric shock drowning (ESD...
Whether the lights go out because of weather or squirrels, safety comes first for lineworkers...
We were honored to have a special guest this year for the annual meeting of the members...
Prairie Land Electric was one of just 35 applicants that were awarded grants. Investments that creat...
With 35 lineworkers running 20 trucks, including diggers, large bucket trucks, small service bucket ...

Thank a Lineworker Any Day

Monday | March 7, 2022
Electric cooperatives are getting ready to celebrate Lineworker Appreciation Day on April 11.

Community Solar Survey

Saturday | February 12, 2022
Have you been contacted recently regarding…
Neglecting this underappreciated appliance can cause serious havoc.

Board Approves Rate Changes

Tuesday | December 14, 2021
Rate changes will be implemented from 2022-2024.

Holiday Food Drive Challenge

Monday | December 13, 2021
Cooperative employees accepted the challenge.

Planned Rate Study Underway

Thursday | August 19, 2021
Have you ever wondered how the rates you pay for electric service are established?

Bucket Truck Egg Drop Challenge

Monday | May 10, 2021
Third graders gear up to test their engineering skills.

The Cost of the February Energy Emergencies

Wednesday | March 31, 2021
The Prairie Land board has approved a deferred cost rider to lessen the impact of extraordinary powe...

Women in Power

Tuesday | March 9, 2021
Mapping Technician Sondra Kats is Featured in a National Publication

The Energy Crisis and Your Bill

Wednesday | March 3, 2021
Prairie Land to Reduce Immediate Impact of Electrical Emergency

Energy Emergency Alert

Monday | February 15, 2021
Prairie Land Electric has been notified the SPP has issued an Energy Emergency Alert

Watch Out For Scams

Wednesday | October 21, 2020
Scammers often claim to be employees of essential services.
Sometimes, a cry is the sweetest sound in the world when you’ve escaped the possibility of never hea...
The Prairie Land Electric family will be in very capable hands.
Rural co-op members now enjoying clean, cost-effective energy

Annual Meeting Tentatively Postponed

Tuesday | March 31, 2020
Keep yourselves safe and healthy.

Solar Project Nears Completion

Wednesday | March 18, 2020
Sunflower to purchase power from largest solar farm in Kansas
Prepaid Billing option has been added.

KEC Day at the Capitol

Tuesday | February 18, 2020
Focus on co-op advocacy
Safety Coordinator Prepares for the Future

Johnson Corner Solar Project Update

Thursday | January 23, 2020
The project is expected to be energized in late March or early April.

Holcomb Expansion Project

Wednesday | January 15, 2020
Air Permit Allowed to Expire

BarberWind Turbines, LLC

Wednesday | January 15, 2020
Demonstration Project in Concordia


Friday | January 3, 2020
Sunflower and Mid-Kansas Merge

Prairie Land Electric Becomes 5-Star Co-op

Thursday | December 19, 2019
Striving to Keep Members Informed

Pass the RURAL Act

Tuesday | December 3, 2019
All hands on deck. We're doing everything we can.

Kensington Revitalization

Sunday | November 10, 2019
A small town takes on a big project.

2019 International Lineman's Rodeo

Sunday | October 20, 2019
The Lineman’s Rodeo attracts the best lineman from around the world.

Johnson Corner Solar Project

Monday | June 24, 2019
Groundbreaking of the Johnson Corner Solar Project